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Welcome to the Uncover Your Business Potential delegate area.


This is the place to access all the tools and resources provided throughout the course.  Everything is available online 24/7, so that you and your team can get the information you need whenever you want it.

The materials are sorted by the day on which they were presented to you. Simply choose the year you started the course by clicking the button above, enter your password and you will be taken to your delegate area.  Then click on the day you are looking for.  You'll find materials sorted into:

   • Presentation slides
   • Tools and templates
   • Fact sheets
   • Recommended reading
   • Questionnaires
   • Videos

The ability to go back and re-familiarise yourself with the materials at any time is an important part of the course. Please also feel free to share this material with members of your team.

Our online docs have been created so that you can use them on your computer or tablet devices.  They can also be downloaded and printed off if you prefer to work with pen and paper. The choice is yours.

You have access to the secret Facebook group, where you can discuss issues with each other.  A secret group means members must be invited, and the group itself and its activities are only  visable to those members. The group simply doesn't exist for anybody who isn't a part of it.

If you have any difficulty accessing information there is a large 'stuck' form on all pages, which goes through to the FP Advance technical support team. Whenever you click this button someone will be in touch with you pronto.

Welcome aboard, and well done for investing in yourself and your business.


The journey starts here!


Brett Davidson
FP Advance Ltd

Brett Davidson

Remember, you get direct access to me at all times throughout your course membership, so don't let an issue keep you from moving forward.

You have my mobile phone number and email address for whenever you need to get in touch. In most cases I'll be back to you on the same day.

If an issue is urgent, please just call. If you want to discuss a range of smaller issues, feel free to batch them and contact my PA Emma to schedule a longer call where we can deal with everything in one go. You can decide which approach  suits you best.



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