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Albion Insight 27 – Balancing your values with practical reality

Albion Insight 33 – Systematic Investing

Extract from Investment Process Manual (IPM) – “Systematic, low-cost investing”

Spider’s Web and Criteria Guidelines

FP Advance – Investments, Yim's Presentation




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Recommended Reading


Smarter Investing

by Tim Hale






Winning The Loser’s Game

by Charles Ellis







The Black Swan

by Nicholas Taleb






The Battle For The Soul of Capitalism

by Nicholas Taleb




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Module 9- Getting Your Investment Proposition Right

Coaching Days

Our coaching days for the 2015 delegate group take place on the following dates:


15 March 2017
14 June 2017

13 September 2017

13 December 2017

14 March 2018

The workshops take place at:

Hallam Conference Centre, 
44 Hallam St, London


The nearest Tube is Great Portland St, although it’s only a short walk from Euston Station too.  Coffee will be served from 9:15am for a prompt 10:00am start. We will work through until 5pm, with a break for lunch (that will be provided). 

Access To Brett

Remember, you get direct access to me at all times throughout your course membership, so don't let an issue keep you from moving forward.

You have my mobile phone number and email address for whenever you need to get in touch. In most cases I'll be back to you on the same day.

If an issue is urgent, please just call. If you want to discuss a range of smaller issues, feel free to batch them and contact my PA Emma to schedule a longer call where we can deal with everything in one go. You can decide which approach  suits you best.

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Part 1- Building a Robust and Practical Investment Process

Part 2- Building and Maintaining Great Portfolios

Part 3- Continuing to Make Great Decisions