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Welcome to the 2020 Group 
Day Seven


Below you can access your documents from every session, just click on the documents to view or download them




Brett’s Presentation for Day 7

Domi's Presentation for Day 7


Documents & Worksheets


Annual Review Meeting Checklist

Annual Review Meeting Confirmation

Annual Review Meeting Deferral by client

Annual Review Meeting Deferral unable to make contact 

Annual Review Meeting File Note 

Annual Review Meeting Follow Up

Annual Review Meeting Notification

Annual Review Process

Annual Review Process Mapping Checklist

Annual Review Process Prep Sheet

Annual Review Scorecard 

The 12 Point Financial Health Check

Value Added Checklist

Recommended Reading 


Excellence Wins
by Horst Schulze


The Goal

by Eliyahu M. Goldratt


Eliminating Complexity

by Timothy Fuller




Video & Audio


Brett's Presentation

Domi's Presentation Part One






















Domi's Presentation Part Two

Domi's Presentation Part Three

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