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Welcome to the 2020 Group 
Day Nine


Below you can access your documents from every session, just click on the documents to view or download them




Brett’s Presentation for Day 9



Client Journey
First Meeting Presentation

First Contact Screening

The Question of Fees

New Client Screening Template 

List of Interesting Questions

Getting Couples To See You… Together

Getting Clients To Come To Your Office 

Recommended Reading 


Spin Selling
by Neil Rackham


To Sell Is Human
by Daniel H. Pink





Videos - Selling Skills


Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 12.14.57.png
Screenshot 2019-11-01 at 09.48.41.png

01. The New Client Engagement Process

02. Initial Contact With A New Client

03. Getting Clients Into Your Office (And Seeing Couples Together)

04. Getting Started

05. The First Meeting Storyboard

06. The Power Questions

07. The Close

Videos - Workshop

01. Opening Session

02. The New Client Engagement Process

03. The Top 10 First Meeting Mistakes (pt1)

04. The Top 10 First Meeting Mistakes (pt2)

05. The First Meeting 

06. Closing The First Meeting 

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