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Welcome to the 2020 Group 
Day Eleven


Below you can access your documents from every session, just click on the documents to view or download them




Brett’s Presentation for Day 11



3 Month Event Planner

Adviser Scorecard
Are You Like A Needle In A Haystack

Blog Post Template 

Differentiation Checklist

Editorial Calendar Example

Editorial Calendar Yearly Template

How To Conduct A Top 5 Issues Analysis

How To Plan Your Editorial Calendar

Ideal Client Avatar

Questions To Ask Prospective Advisers

The Advice Journey One Simple (and safe) Step At A Time

The Insider’s Guide To Finding The Right Financial Adviser (if you’re the owner of a business)

The Learning From The Top 5 Issues Analysis

The Top 5 Issues For Various Client Segments

Welcome Pack

Recommended Reading 


Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

by Simon Sinek 



Feedback Marketing How to Duplicate Clients, Attract Prospects,
and Create Advocates... Without Talking

by Dan Allison 



Become A Key Person Of Influence

by Daniel Priestley 



Opening Session

Section 2 - Focus On Client Experience


Section 3 - If You Need To Market Yourself 


Section 4 - How to create compliant content

Section 5 - Generating Marketing Leverage

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