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Welcome to the 2020 Group 2
Day Eleven


Below you can access your documents from every session, just click on the documents to view or download them




Brett’s Presentation for Day 11



3 Month Event Planner

Adviser Scorecard
Are You Like A Needle In A Haystack

Blog Post Template 

Differentiation Checklist

Editorial Calendar Example

Editorial Calendar Yearly Template

How To Conduct A Top 5 Issues Analysis

How To Plan Your Editorial Calendar

Ideal Client Avatar

Questions To Ask Prospective Advisers

The Advice Journey One Simple (and safe) Step At A Time

The Insider’s Guide To Finding The Right Financial Adviser (if you’re the owner of a business)

The Learning From The Top 5 Issues Analysis

The Top 5 Issues For Various Client Segments

Welcome Pack

Recommended Reading 


Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

by Simon Sinek 



Feedback Marketing How to Duplicate Clients, Attract Prospects,
and Create Advocates... Without Talking

by Dan Allison 



Become A Key Person Of Influence

by Daniel Priestley 



Opening Session

Section 2 - Focus On Client Experience

















Section 3 - If You Need To Market Yourself 


Section 4 - How to create compliant content

Section 5 - Generating Marketing Leverage

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